RISD Student’s Artwork Featured on New Postage Stamp

The new Forever Stamp commemorates the Year of the Rat as part of the USPS Lunar New Year series.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – This Lunar New Year is a special one for Camille Chew, a printmaking graduate student at RISD.  The US Postal Service has chosen her design for a postage stamp commemorating the Year of the Rat as part of their Lunar New Year series.

Chew says, “I hadn’t thought about it much, but it’s very exciting that my artwork gets to travel the world like that.”

Her artwork is already gracing envelopes and circling the globe, with some of those stamps ending up in the hands of collectors.  It’s an honor for RISD.

RISD Provost Kent Kleinman says, “It’s extraordinary, and very unusual.  We have students showing work all over the place, all of the time.  But, a stamp that moves through the world and has durability at that scale, that’s a first for me and I think it may be a first for RISD as well.”

It all started when the postal service’s art director came across her portfolio online and decided to commission her to design the new stamp.  The mask wa

s inspired by the ones worn during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chew says, “Once the design was approved, I made monotypes, so like patterns, textured paper, and then cut it out, folded it into the 3-D mask shape, then hand painted all the patterns and details and added the flowers and tassels and things like that.  Then once it was all finished, I sent it off to the post office, and they’re the ones that photographed it and everything for the stamp.”

This is the third Lunar New Year series launched by the postal service, and Chew’s design is the first of 12 stamps in the series.  It’s available at all post office locations.

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