RISP: Constantly working to fight terrorism

As the nation and the world continues to grapple with what happened in Paris, State Police here in Rhode Island want to assure the public that there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to prevent and combat terrorism threats in the Ocean State.

"We are not just reactionary. We are proactive in our approach every single day,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Barry.

In the days since the deadly ISIS attacks in Paris, Barry says some changes have been made by state law enforcement including being more visible in certain popular places.

"You will see state police in collaboration with the local departments making sure that we are at different venues that we’ve always been at but I think now in greater force,” said Barry.

In terms of how police are working to catch specific terror threats or plots, a place called the Fusion Center is a huge tool. It’s a location where local state and federal analysts work together.

"The fusion center collects intelligence, disseminates intelligence and it also is constantly networking throughout the country,” said Barry.

The center opened post 9-1-1 and most recently helped catch a terror suspect in Warwick earlier this year accused of conspiring to support ISIS.

"That actually originated with the Fusion Center in Boston. They had contacted our Fusion Center and that obviously became a very significant case,” said Barry.

Barry says now more than ever State Police need the public’s help calling them a "force multiplier."

If you see anything suspicious you are asked to report it.

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