Robber hits up two North Kingstown stores, gets away

Two North Kingstown gas stations are held up in one night. The robber struck out the first time then tried again, threatening a teenage clerk's life on Sunday.  Police are still looking for the man as of Monday night.

The clerk said the robber walked through this door, came right into the Shell Gas Station, walked over to the counter. At first she thought he was joking, until he put his hands on this counter and wouldn't leave.

Cashier Courtney Howell said she's being a little more careful opening her register now. That's because Sunday night, at around 7pm, a man tried to rob the store.     

His threats were caught on surveillance video. “I'm not kidding give me the money, hurry up,” he said.

Howell was sitting behind the counter with her boyfriend at the time. She said she didn't see it coming.

 “I was looking at my boyfriend,” said Howell, “At first kind of like smiling, and I was like this is a joke, right, like you're kidding. Then he kept saying it a couple times, and we knew he was serious. We knew he wasn't kidding.”

The robber wasn't joking. He wanted cash. Howell said no. “He didn't show a weapon, so he wasn't you know,” she said, “If we felt like threatened we would have been like yeah here take whatever you want.”

So the robber left and Howell called the cops, but police said he didn't stop there. He got his hands on a box cutter and officers said about an hour later he hit up another gas station just down the road.     

That's where he threatened a 19 year old clerk and officers said he got away with 200 dollars in cash.

Howell said she's glad that's all he got. “That could have been a lot worse than it was, and I'm just glad that it wasn't,” she said.

Police said they're looking for a white man between the ages of 25 and 40. He's also between 5'6″ and 5'10″ and had a mustache at the time of the robbery.

If you know anything, they're asking you to cal North Kingstown Police.