Robbers threaten to take woman’s baby during break-in

Marilynn Araujo thought that the person knocking on her 2nd floor apartment door in Pawtucket at about 1:30 Friday afternoon was her aunt, coming up for a visit to see her, and her 1-and-a-half year old daughter.

But when she opened the door, it wasn't her aunt.

“There was a guy with a ski-mask on and he pushed me to the floor and he took out a gun and told me not to move.” said Araujo.

The gunman rushed into Marilyn's apartment, while an armed accomplice watched Marilyn from the doorway.

The first gunman started looking around the apartment for anything of value, and then after looking in Marilyn's bedroom and seeing her baby-girl asleep in her crib, the man gave Marilyn, terrifying ultimatum.

“He's like, 'Give me something valuable. If not, I'm gonna take the baby.”

It was a moment that shook Marilyn to her core.

“My world turned to darkness. The first thing I thought was that I'm never going to see my daughter again.” said Araujo.

Marilyn offered the gunman her purse and after rifling through it the robber took it.

Then without saying a word he ran down the stairs with his accomplice and just like that it was over.

Marilyn's daughter even slept through the whole thing.

And although she may never realize just how scary a situation her mom was in, it's an experience, that Marilyn, won't ever forget.

“I'm just scared. I can't stop thinking about it.”

Marilyn and her baby weren't harmed by the robbers. She has no idea who they are or why they targeted her. Right now, Pawtucket police don't have any leads.