Robbery Report Leads Pawtucket Police to Home Invasion

The Pawtucket Police have arrested a man on kidnapping charges following an armed robbery and home invasion.

The incident took place Saturday night, around 9. Police were called to 748 Roosevelt Ave for a robbery. Once on scene police spoke with a man that told them he was robbed at gunpoint. The man also told police that he was unable to locate his girlfriend.

While officers were investigating the robbery scene, they saw a man in a second floor apartment that closed the door when he saw police. Police then heard noises and screaming coming from the apartment, so they went to investigate.

Police outside of the apartment saw a man trying to escape through the window. Police inside the apartment made their way to the second floor where they heard the noises coming from. They entered the apartment, and found the same man that had closed the door when they first entered the dwelling.

The man police recognized from the hallway, was identified as McCarthy Larngar of Providence. Upon entering the room they saw him, two people tied up with rope and tape, and a gun. They took Mr. Larngar into custody.

One of the victims tied up was identified as the caller's girlfriend.  The other person was a man. The man told police that he had been beaten up by several other men.

The caller, and the man that was tied up were both taken to the hospital for cuts and bruises. The female victim was uninjured.

McCarthy Larngar is being charged with 2 counts of kidnapping, 1st degree robbery, felony assault, carrying a dangerous weapon when committing a crime of violence, and carrying a firearm without a license.

According to Police, none of the victims of these crimes live at the apartment on Roosevelt Ave. Police are still investigating to find out who owns the apartment, and how the victims were brought together.

Police are also looking for additional suspects at this time.