Roger Williams Park stray finds new home

By: Chelsea Priest

Over the past four years, a stray dog has been living at Roger Williams Park, escaping every attempt made to catch him. But now, the dog affectionately named “Chance” has lost his freedom but found a loving home.

It was a happy reunion today for Tom Knudde and the stray dog he's been taking care of for years at Roger Williams Park. He says, “We've just been getting closer and closer to him, most guys don't see much of him, he'll just stay out in the back of the woods and he watches everybody all day.”

Over four years ago the dog was abandoned in the park. Since then a few workers in the Parks Department including Knudde have made sure the dog had food and shelter.

In an area near the maintenance building, Chance had some discarded tubing and a few blankets to keep him warm on cold nights. The area is also right next to one of the lakes in the park. In the winter Chance enjoyed playing on the ice but that's also what created a lot of concern. Knudde explains, “He liked to be out on the ice so everyone kept calling up on him “oh there's a dog on the ice!” and they'd call the fire department and the fire department would come down then he would be gone by the time they got here.”

With the fire department being called multiple times, it was clear Chance needed a real home. It took a few tries to catch the dog but eventually Knudde was able to get a leash on Chance.

Then came Carla Ciccone from the non-profit “Almost Home Rescue.” She took Chance right away and is now fostering him and reacquainting him with being in a home with people. She says, “Chance is still fearful, um with new things, so we're moving very slowly with him but as you can see he's friendly, he's a good dog, he has a nice solid foundation so I think we'll be able to work with him.”

Knudde misses his friend but hopes the dog will find a happy forever home soon, “I miss him a lot, he's a parks employee, always will be. The only thing we didn't do was get him a union card!”

To find more information on Almost Home Rescue you can visit here:

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