Roger Williams Park Zoo preps for winter storm

By: News Staff

Twitter: @ABC6

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Have you ever wondered how zoos deal with all of the snow?

ABC6 News caught up with the Roger Williams Park Zoo Monday afternoon to see how they’re planning on keeping all of the animals there safe and warm.

According to staff, they plan days ahead by laying extra bedding down for the animals to keep them warm, and double the amount of food.

However, there are still some big concerns even with all of that preparation.

“Other major concerns are loss of power… we have a lot of tropical animals… and if we lose heat.. that can be very dangerous," says employee Jeremy Goodman.

“With large snow drifts… if they get high enough… you can have an animal walk out."

Goodman says the zoo has several back-up generators to ensure the animals stay warm and extra precautions are taken so that the animals remain in their spaces.

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