Roger Williams Park Zoo takes precautions to protect animals from bird flu

Roger Williams Park Zoo
This is a peacock at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. (Roger Williams Park Zoo)

Roger Williams Park Zoo said Wednesday it’s taking precautions to protect its animals against the avian flu, also known as the bird flu.

“This is a disease the zoo’s animal care and veterinary team has been tracking closely since February and a preparedness plan has been put in place,” said Corrie Ignagni, a spokesperson for the zoo.

Ignagni said visitors won’t see the zoo’s birds in their outdoor habitat.

The zoo’s most susceptible species of birds — chickens, turkey, peacock, and birds of prey — moved off exhibit to indoor or fully meshed enclosures.

Ignagni said the zoo increased sanitary measures and protocols. Facemasks will be worn around all the animals and any wild birds that show signs of illness will be reported to the veterinary staff.

“Good management requires a preventative plan of action prior to the appearance of this highly pathogenic virus. The well-being of all the animals in our care is of the greatest importance,” Dr. Kim Wojick, senior veterinarian at the zoo, said in part in a release.

The zoo said it’s hopeful that the bird flu cases will drop drastically after spring migration has passed.


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