Romney Wins Six States in Super Tuesday Primaries

As expected, Mitt Romney was a big winner on Super Tuesday in Massachusetts and five other states. The most coveted prize of the day was Ohio; Another Romney win, which, coincidentally, is a state that no elected president has ever lost.

There was a lot of enthusiasm Tuesday in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's home. The crowd went wild when the former Massachusetts Governor entered the Westin ballroom. Aside from winning in Massachusetts, Romney won the primaries Tuesday in Vermont, Virginia, Idaho, Ohio, and Alaska.

Early Tuesday, Romney voted in Massachusetts. He joked that he has hardly been here the past 11 months of campaigning across the nation.

Still, in his victory speech, Romney spoke mostly as if he was presuming to be the nominee and attacked President Obama.

“Tonight we're counting up delegates…and counting down days to the White House,” Romney cheered. “To the millions of Americans who are out of work, I have a message: 'You have not failed, you have a president who failed you,” Romney announced to the crowd of supporters, who cheered for him as he made his victory speech in Boston.

Mitt Romney did congratulate his Republican opponents for their wins, including Newt Gingrich, who won in Georgia.

But the Romney campaign has to be worried that the conservatives, Santorum and Gingrich, won half the Super Tuesday states.

The next caucus is Saturday in Kansas, another Midwest state, where Santorum may give Romney a run for his money.