Ron Paul rallies supporters at URI

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul spoke to a packed house on the URI campus on Wednesday night.

The rally was the first time that Paul had visited Rhode Island during the 2012 election cycle, and came less than a week before the state's primary.

The majority of the nearly 2-thousand people at the rally were students and veterans.

Two groups that have been Ron Paul's most vocal and dedicated supporters, latching on to his views, on freedom and liberty.

ABC6 was the only news station to speak to Ron Paul after the event concluded.

The 3-time presidential candidate told ABC6 News that the energy from his supporters helps to keep him motivated.

Even if his chances of winning the Republican Party's nomination, or the Rhode Island primary, seem like they're slim to none.

“We talk a little bit about the media claiming we're disappearing. Yet our crowds keep getting bigger and money keeps flowing in. It's really sort a like the campaign is just really getting going, so we're always on the side of optimism.” said Paul.