Rooting for a local Olympian

By Dana Griffin


SMITHFIELD, RI- Skaters at the Smithfield Figure Skating Club hope their American flags and customized T–shirts will help propel Marissa Castelli and partner, Simon Shnapir to Olympic gold.

Castelli began skating at SFSC when she was nine years old and still teaches young skaters who are now inspired by the U.S. Pairs gold medalist.

Smithfield figure skater, Alana Plociak said, “It like inspires all of us cause maybe we could be there someday. Like, if like she can go, why not all of us?”

“Good luck and you're doing amazing,” said skater, Talia Melucci.

Castelli and her partner put team USA in 5th place after Thursday's team event.

President of the Smithfield club says Marissa has kept in communication while in Russia.

“She's said she's having a blast. She can't believe she's there. They were very pleased with their skate on Thursday.  And thanks everybody back in Rhode Island for all the support we're sending their way,” said Diana LaMontagne.

At Saturday's practice, red, white, and blue filled the rink along with these T–shirts, created to raise money for the Castelli family's travel expenses to Sochci. The club has raised nearly $2,000.

Skater, Casey Tallo said, “They love her so much that they're there to support– even all the stuff that have been happening and it shows that we also care about her.”

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