RWU students honor local, American heroes in this year’s Bristol 4th parade float

By Alana Cerrone


BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) – The school year may be over, but work doesn’t stop for some  Roger Williams University students. In fact,one of their biggest projects of the year is due next week – it’s their annual Bristol 4th Parade float.

"our theme for this year is ‘Hometown Heroes at an American Celebration’," says committee co-hair Kayla Devin.

The base of the float will feature real live people having a cookout and enjoying America’s pastime on a hand-painted field. An 8×8’ mural of an American Flag featuring two soldier silhouettes – one male, one female – is a nod to the armed forces.

 But they’re also honoring local “heroes”, like the Mount Hope Bridge, Colt State Park, and Hope St.

The float is a massive undertaking. Over 40 students pitch in, each lending their own unique set of skills.

Committee co-chair Kevin Griffin points out woodworking students creating 5 seals representing the country’s military.

And for the steady of hand, a monumental task – recreating some of Bristol’s most well-known landmarks.

These students are hoping their patriotic float can impress the town that takes the 4th of July very seriously.

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