Sales tax cut considered in Rhode Island

By: The Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) _ Rhode Island state lawmakers are considering a proposal to cut the sales tax, but they want to study it first.

A bill introduced Friday proposes a special legislative commission that would look at reducing the sales tax to 3 percent from the current 7 percent.

The bipartisan bill calls for a 10-member commission to report its findings to the state House of Representatives next year.

Coventry Democratic Rep. Jared Nunes introduced the bill. Co-sponsors include Democratic Majority Leader Joseph Shekarchi, of Warwick.

Another co-sponsor, Coventry Republican Rep. Robert Nardolillo, has proposed separate legislation to cut the sales tax to 3 percent.

Rhode Island’s sales tax is New England’s highest. Lowering it to 3 percent would make it the second-lowest after New Hampshire, which doesn’t have a sales tax.

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