Sandy: 2 years later

By Dana Griffin


WESTERLY, RI- Two years after ferocious winds hit hard on the East Coast- turning areas like Misquamicut Beach into a war zone- work is still being done to restore waterfront businesses and homes.

Pleasant View Inn chief engineer, Rafael Brown said, “There’s been some struggle you know. There are some people that are still deciding whether to rebuild.”

The economy is already turning around in an area many feared wouldn’t recover.

Pleasant View Inn was flooded and had once sturdy boulders knocked down like dominoes.

“We’ve done tons of renovating and business has just been great. We had a great season,” said Brown.

It’s peaceful now that summer tourism has ended. Westerly neighbors have made it a priority to clean up and move on.

“A lot of areas have had to knock down their old houses and then start to rebuild,” said resident, Linda Sharkey.

The Andrea restaurant took a devastating blow during Sandy, but its stone fireplace survived what the exterior couldn’t. For many, it reminds them that this waterfront town will survive too.

Sharon Baretta commented, “It’s nice to see that the past has remained and they’re just moving forward.”

Millions of dollars from the federal government have gone into restoring areas throughout.

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