Sandy shuts down roads in Narragansett, flooding

By: Alexandra Cowley

Monster waves crash over the sea wall on Ocean Rd and Beach St in Narragansett, already causing some flooding on the streets. The waves so big, police are blocking off both roads along with side streets, keeping traffic out and people Safe.


Francine Corvese came to Ocean Street to watch the waves crash over the sea wall.

“Look at the size of the waves coming over the wall, I mean watching that boy get wiped out over there standing in it, so its pretty exciting,”said Corvese.


Steve Corvese compares Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane Bob.

“I've been to every storm down here since Hurricane Bob, I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to come back again,”said Corvese.

The corvese's say the size of the waves already are bigger than they've ever seen.”

“This is the biggest waves this early on in a storm.”


The conditions will worsen immensely by High Tide at 8 PM  tonight. Right now, people are out doing exactly what officials warn against, getting too close.

It's Ryan Hamilton's first hurricane. He's out taking in all the excitement.

“I don't know, it just felt like a good idea you know, you know we never get hurricanes around here so I figured I might as well stand out there and get some good pictures and get wet,” laughed Hamilton.

Depending on the storms severity, people may lose access to the rest of the roads along the coast.

Narragansett resident Ray Gemma says the roads will likely close soon.

“I can foresee the conditions getting so bad that they may have to stop people from coming to the sea wall,”said Gemma.

As of Noon Monday winds picked up significantly off the coast of Narragansett, reaching winds of 50 MPH. Waves were reached 3 to 5 feet.

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