Save the Bay applauding court order for RI Recycled Metals

By: Rebecca Turco


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A local non profit group is hoping a court order will finally get results on a scrap metal property accused of polluting the Providence River.

Save the Bay is applauding a ruling ordering Rhode Island Recycled Metals, located on Allens Avenue along the waterfront, to cover up piles of contaminated soil (which can run-off into the river) and address junk boats along the shoreline.

"This is an important step forward,” explained Save the Bay’s Executive Director Jonathan Stone. "We want the environment protected and we want everybody to play by the same rules."

On Thursday, a judge ordered an outside attorney the title of Special Master. His job is to oversee that RI Recycled Metals complies with the court order and to come up with a comprehensive cleanup game plan for the longer term.

"From the attorney general and DEM perspective, there are some immediate issues and we’re addressing those," said Rick Land, special master. Land says the company is being cooperative and says he is not aware of any immediate discharges into the water.

Save the Bay has been going after the company since 2010, alleging workers dumped storm water and spilled oil in into the Providence River. The state eventually caught on and in 2013 the general manager agreed to clean up the property, but state officials say their inspections sued otherwise, so they sued the company in 2015.

The company’s general manager and his attorneys could not be reached for comment.

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