SCAM ALERT: Warwick PD warning residents of calls from scammers claiming to be police

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – The Warwick Police Department is alerting residents of a scam going around where people receive calls from scammers claiming to be a Warwick police officer.

The names of specific officers are being used and the victims are told on the phone that they have warrants for their arrest. 

During the call, victims say disposal of the warrant is offered in exchange for payment. 

Police say forms of payments have included gift cards, forms of digital cryptocurrency, and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Warwick Police are also seeing an increase in various types of financial fraud where money is being demanded over the phone involving online romances, computer tech, and distressed family members in jail. 

Police want to remind residents that they do not make phone calls asking for payments in any capacity.

If you do have a warrant they will come to you in person or call and ask for you to come to the station.

If anyone is contacted by a similar scam, Warwick Police ask you to call them directly at 401-468-4200.

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