Scattered showers are trying to make it into the area, but evaporation is taking over


The problem with this forecast is we have the rain moving in but some dry air and a NE wind evaporates the rain- meaning it never makes it to the ground.  Here’s what I mean… I added a forecast loop where you see the scattered shower activity, but as the rain approaches us, the dry air eats up the moisture (e.g. evaporation.)

Forecast Nam 21z

Here is a sounding I captured to show you what I am looking at when I build my forecast.

Thur 21z Sounding

The yellow circle on this sounding shows where it’s raining higher up, but as you get down towards the ground those lines split which means there is evaporation happening near the surface. If the atmosphere was fully saturated, we would see more consistent rain, but this isn’t the case for us. Expect the scattered showers over the next couple of days.

Forecast Plate Today Left

Temperatures will start to rise and so will the humidity levels.

Futurecast Skylar


Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

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