Schilling in first live interview: “The amount of hatred is surprising”

Curt Schilling is speaking out for the first time since his company collapsed, on WEEI-FM. Schilling said he put more than 50 million dollars of his own money into 38 studios and that he's “tapped out.”

He also spoke about how everything he does in life comes from his heart and that that may be the result of his company's failure, listening to his heart more than his mind. Schilling said that as a Christian for 15 years, “the amount of hatred is surprising.”

Schilling said he couldn't do an interview before now because it was impossible to explain everything that happened, and is happening, in a sound bite.

The former Red Sox pitcher said Chafee damaged his company by making public statements about its financial status. He said Chafee wasn't upset over 38 Studios collapse.