School districts asked to submit closure plans amid COVID-19 concerns.

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) –  In a letter sent to all school districts and leaders, The Rhode Island Department of Education asked for the submission of closure plans for every district if the need for an extended closure is warranted.

Commissioner of Education, Angélica Infante-Green said in her letter to the school district that early reports suggest that children with confirmed cases of COVID-19 have mostly shown mild symptoms, and although severe complications have been reported, they do appear to be uncommon.

Infante-Green also mentioned that there is no evidence children are more susceptible to the illness, but still feels the school districts should be prepared.

“The paramount concern for all of us is safeguarding the health of our children, our teachers, and their families. The decisions to close schools is never one that is taken lightly, but one for which we should all be prepared. As we work to ensure the continuity of education for our students, we have many flexibilities at our disposal related to instructional days,” said Infante-Green.

RIDE is asking the schools to submit their potential plans by the end of March 19, where they will be reviewed and suggestions will be made to ensure the continuity of learning for the students.

Infante-Green said that while online learning resources are not a proper substitute for a teacher in the classroom, they could be a possible and valuable option to a school’s closure plan.

“The situation is unlike any we’ve faced before in our careers. There is a lot we will learn together in the upcoming weeks and months. The RIDE team and I stand ready to support you and your community in making sure we support the health and education of your children the best ways possible,” said Infante-Green.

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