Schools delay return from holiday break, use Monday for staff COVID-19 testing

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(Stephen B. Morton - AP)

BOSTON, MASS. (WLNE)- The Massachusetts Teacher Association is calling for schools to remain closed on Monday, except for staff COVID-19 testing.

“To protect the public health and the safety of our communities, it is urgent to allow districts to use Jan. 3 for administering tests to school staff and analyzing the resulting data,” the MTA said in a statement.

This statement came after the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education announced the delay in delivery of at-home test for teachers and staff this weekend, following the return to classes Monday.

The MTA, as well as the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, stated that testing done Monday will allow school districts to make caution decisions around staffing needs so they can continue in-person learning or develop new plans if deemed necessary.

“We recognize that delaying some students’ return to school poses challenges for families. But if there were a blizzard on Sunday evening, nobody would question the wisdom of declaring Monday a snow day,” MTA president Merrie Najimy wrote.

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