Scituate residents assess storm damage

By: Melissa Randall


Twitter: @MRandallABC6

SCITUATE, R.I. (WLNE–TV)— Scituate residents woke up Thursday to quite the mess. It didn’t help that they were already tired having been kept up night by the sounds of trees crashing down around them.

Many trees simply couldn’t bear any more weight. The heavy, wet snow pulling the tree limbs in every direction until they snapped.

"My husband woke up this morning and he said there’s a tree across your vehicle. I said what?" Toni Depalo explained as she assessed the damage in her yard.

A large branch had come crashing down on her car, preventing Depalo from getting to work. The rest of her yard wasn’t spared either.

"There’s also a tree hanging over the pool over there so that’s going to be a concern tonight," she said.

The power went out in much of the town, which only added to the problem. Many people in the area have generators. Nancy Hankinson is not one of them. She spent the morning trying to stay optimistic all while dealing with flooding.

"It’s a bit much to say the least, but we gotta do what we gotta do," she said.

The water in her basement sits at several inches deep. Unfortunately there’s not much Hankinson can do but wait. She is hoping National Grid will be in her neighborhood soon.

"If I had power my sump pump would run and then I could get rid of the water," she explained.

Until then, she’ll stay busy. There are plenty of sticks, tree limbs and debris to deal with outdoors.

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