Sears shutting down at RI Mall location

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WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — It’s the end of an era in Warwick. Sears now closing its doors for good. This is just one of the 20 Sears stores just announced to be closing nationwide.

The nature of retail is changing and a business expert says its because of online shopping and the convenience it provides to consumers

Big box retailers now dinosaurs in the shopping world. Sears announcing 20 more stores will be closing, including the location at the Rhode Island Mall.

The Dean of the School of Business at Rhode Island College Jeff Mello says stores just don’t meet consumers needs anymore.

"The online shopping experience offers incredible convenience," says Mello.

Some shoppers are sad to see this Sears location go but even they say they turn to online retailers to get just about anything.

"I don’t make a lot of money, I’m not rich so I go on Amazon to try and get the cheapest price," says Michelle Pico of Newport.

The mayor of Warwick says they weren’t surprised by Thursday’s announcement. Construction on the mall has already begun and the owners have plans on what will fill the space.

"I think the owners of the mall positioned themselves with the idea that the Sears would be closing and how they’re going to re-market and re-brand that space," says the Mayor of Warwick Scott Avedisian.

The closing of big box stores is becoming a trend and will continue unless retailers take action to get foot traffic in their stores

"I think whats very, very key is having high end customer service, the experience has to be welcoming," says Mello.

The Sears in Warwick is expected to close in September.

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