Security guard at George’s of Galilee called “N-word” by beachgoer

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) – As if restaurants aren’t struggling enough already, George’s of Galilee had to hire a security guard to handle rowdy beachgoers. But then that security guard was verbally attacked by a beachgoer who used racial slurs.

The restaurant is located on the water in Narragansett. The business tried to get creative amid the pandemic by opening a new outdoor dining area on the beach to maximize the amount of tables it could offer.

However, dining on the beach has not been easy.

“There’s been too many people arguing on the beach like we’ve never seen before,” said owner Kevin Durfee.

Durfee said the trouble is mostly caused by people visiting from out of state. He said one night a man went so far as to rip down his wood fencing to make a bonfire in the sand.

“I was watching the gentleman and I was sitting there like, ‘am I really seeing this?’ And he was— he was making his own little fire destroying private property,” said Dawn McPhillips, the restaurant’s beach manger.

Durfee recalls another night when a woman who was dining on the beach went inside and punched the bartender and another employee in the face.

After all of this, Durfee decided to hire a security guard.

“He primarily patrols this area— George’s Beach,” explained McPhillips.

Even with the security guard, trouble on the beach didn’t stop.

“There was a gentleman on the state side [of the beach] who decided to stand up and start spewing racial slurs at him and video taping him, wanting to get a rise out of him,” said McPhillips.

She said the man used the “N-word.” He was eventually escorted off the beach by police.

“To be able to say that nowadays is so insensitive. I can’t believe people would do that,” said Durfee.

Durfee is now asking restaurant patrons and beach goers to keep kindness in mind the next time they go out.

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