RI Senate votes to legalize recreational marijuana

This legislation passing with just days remaining in the regular session.

PROVIDENCE, RI. (WLNE)- On Tuesday, the Rhode Island Senate voted to pass a legislation that would legalize adult use of cannabis in the Ocean State.

The final vote was 29 for and 9 against. This legislation… passing with just days remaining in the regular session.

The Senate approved the bill, which will legalize, tax and regulate cannabis use throughout the state.

The bill will tax marijuana at a hefty 20%- a 3% local sales tax that will go back to the municipality where the cannabis was bought, plus the state’s regular sales tax and an additional cannabis tax of 10%.

A moratorium will be placed on cultivator licenses until July 1, 2023. Additionally, this will cap retail licenses at one per 20,000 residents per city or town which is double the initial amount proposed.

The state only has legalized marijuana currently for medical reasons.

This is the first time a bill to legalize recreational cannabis has ever advanced in Rhode Island.

A spokesperson for the Senate says the legislation still has a ways to go, but this is a big step. Next, the law would have to go through the House, and then finally get signed by Governor Dan McKee.

This legislation is just one of three proposed this year in Rhode Island.

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