Senator Cruz wants immigration ports of entry in Block Island and Newport

BLOCK ISLAND, R.I. (WLNE) – Rhode Island leaders are firing back at Senator Ted Cruz after he proposed to ship all immigrants at the Southern border to “Democrat-led communities”, many, in parts of New England.

The proposal, called the “Stop the SURGE Act” would create 13 ports of entry in communities across the country. Undocumented immigrants would be transported from the Texas border and placed at one of the ports where they would be held for processing.

Senator Ted Cruz says it would help “alleviate the massive overload at the Southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat-led communities such as North Hero, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders spends his summers, and Martha’s Vineyard, where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties.”

Two of those ports are in Rhode Island and include Block Island and Newport. ABC 6 News spoke to a Block Island resident getting off the ferry in Narragansett who did not hold back her disappointment.

“I think it’s ridiculous!” Kate Bird said. “Senator Cruz is a morally bankrupt showboat of a Senator and he’s never put forth any valuable policy for the state or the country.”

The proposal has received a lot of backlash from leaders across the Ocean State. The Lieutenant Governor called it a “publicity stunt to demonize people seeking a better life in the United States.”

“He should be doing something more productive that’s really going to help solve the problem of immigration,” Lieutenant Governor Matos said.

Congressman Jim Langevin also expressed his frustration over Twitter.

“Those comments just create more division; create more of an anti-immigration sentiment,” Lieutenant Governor Matos said. “It’s like looking for someone to blame for the other things that should be happening, it’s a distraction.”

However, not all leaders in Rhode Island were against Cruz’s comments. Republican House Minority Leader Blake Filippi told ABC 6 News that while a proposal like this would never go through, he supports the thought behind it.

“I think it’s a proposal to make a point and the point is well taken. Our nation has a failed immigration policy and it largely hurts Texas,” Filippi said. “If Rhode Island was under siege like Texas is, I can guarantee you that Governor McKee and Lt. Gov Matos would be irate.”

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