Senator Reed reflects on Speaker Boehner’s resignation

By Alana Cerrone


"It’s been an honor to serve in this institution…"

Speaker of the House John Boehner gets emotional Friday as he formally announces he will step down October 30.

"This isn’t about me. It’s about the people, it’s about the institution."

The Speaker says he is making this move to ‘protect the institution’…citing prolonged leadership turmoil that’s been churning for the past couple of months.

The announcement comes after 25 years in service. He was elected to U.S. Congress in 1990…the same year as Senator Jack Reed.

"I think this is a reflection of some of the opposition he’s seen from the very far right the Tea Party Republicans…." 

Even though Boehner was popular among many House Republicans, he faced the threat of a floor vote on whether he should stay on as Speaker.

"I believe he’s been stopped at every turn by the very very conservative members of his own caucus and I don’t have any insight but I can only conclude that this would cause him to make the decision to leave."

Just yesterday…the speaker greeted the pope as he gave a historic speech to Congress, saying the Pope inspired him to do what was best for Congress and the country.  

"This morning I woke up and I said my prayers as I always do and I said, ‘today, I’m going to do this,’ and that was that."

President Obama has said even he was surprised by the Speaker’s resignation. It’s still unclear who will succeed him but he recommended the number two House Republican, Kevin McCarthy. 

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