Senator Whitehouse talks about his trip to Cuba

By News Staff

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was one of 39 members of Congress to join President Obama on the historic trip to Cuba.

Despite the excitement, it was easy to see the obvious signs of political and economic depression.

"They’re so economically depressed and yet so full of spirit and passion and great music," said Whitehouse. "beautiful oceans, there’s a lot there that’s really a gem."

Senator Whitehouse thinks once Cuba improves its infrastructure, adds in a modern phone and internet system, life will slingshot into the 21st century.

"People want to go to Cuba. There are great buildings there to go to and there’s been no money so there are huge capitol opportunities to invest in the structures down there and all of that can happen quite quickly."

By quite quickly the senator means three to five years but the reality is the trade embargo has to be lifted by Congress before any real change can happen.

Senator Whitehouse thinks there’s enough Republican dislike for President Obama, it’ll happen during the time of the next president but he’s staying optimistic Republicans will find a lot to like in Cuba.

"There’s a strong Republican constituency for things Republicans like letting markets work, letting freedom have its way, letting America have its influence around the world."

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