Seven Stars Bakery employee file for union elections

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — The United Food and Commercial Workers Local Union 328 said Monday that Seven Stars Bakery employees at three Providence locations filed for union elections.

The employees sent signed letters Friday to each of their locations and called on the company to voluntarily recognize their union. Nearly 50 workers signed those letters.

“We, the dedicated undersigned employees of Seven Stars Bakery at Hope St., Point St., and Broadway, in Providence, RI, formally request Seven Stars Bakery to recognize United Food and Commercial Workers Local 328 and begin the bargaining process,” the letter read.

Employees said the main concerns include securing wage increases, benefits for part-time workers, more full-time opportunities, and obtaining workplace protections. They also added the unionization attempt at a Starbucks in Warwick has been a factor in this push for unionization.

“Giving us the resources and the background information that we need when it comes to Proceeding forward, not just legally but also as people who work here and have lives outside of the café,” Willy Cubas said, an employee at Seven Stars Bakery on Broadway in Providence.

“I can’t say it wasn’t inspired by the Starbucks unionization process and also A lot of members at other stores felt the same sentiment around working here,” Cubas said.

Charlie Saperstein, a barista employed at the Point Street location said, “Seven Stars management cut employees’ pay at the start of the pandemic and hasn’t given any indication of a return to pre-pandemic wages, even as they opened a new store and made plans to expand further.”

The company responded and said they are undecided whether they will accept the workers’ request.

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