Crews investigate string of fires in Providence

PROVIDENCE, RI — Several fires are under investigation in Providence.

The latest broke out at auto body shop Monday morning just after 4 a.m. off of Wilson Street and Elmwood Avenue, where one firefighter was injured.

This comes after at least four fires that broke out Saturday night.

“I've never been through this kind of damage ever in my life. And we've been here 17 years,” Carlos Ruiz of Solutions Auto Body Shop said.

Ruiz and his brothers shoveled what was left of their family business Monday morning. Ten minutes away, two cars caught fire Saturday night along with two vacant houses. All of them happened within an hour of each other less than a mile apart.

Providence Fire Chief Michael Dillon says the recent string is out of the ordinary.

“It's been my experience over the years that the fires always come in bunches, but it is unusual to have 3 or 4 fires in the same area at one time,” Dillon said.

They still are not releasing whether or not they have found any link between these fires or if they have determined any of the causes. In the meantime, Ruiz and his brothers at the auto body shop remain on high alert.

“It could have been anything, but hopefully we find out pretty soon if someone did it,” Ruiz said. “At least I hope we do.”