RI Soldier Who Died Saving Afghan Boy Laid To Rest

Sergeant Dennis Weichel of Pawtucket captured the national spotlight because he died trying to save an innocent Afghan boy. The hero was buried Monday, honored by family, friends and strangers.

“He was the first to jump in and save a stranger,” General Kevin McBride said. “And that didn't surprise anyone who knew him.”

Inside a tiny chapel in Providence, friends and family were forced to say goodbye to their soldier with a Superman tattoo.

Sargeant Weichel dashed out in front of an armored truck to save the life of a little Afghan boy, not knowing it would be his final mission.

“That boy will live to see his future because Sargeant Weichel, at a single moment of truth, acted without second consideration for his own safety.”

After hearing about the little boy named Zala who is alive because of Sargeant Weichel, a letter was read aloud from a little boy named Nick, who is without a father because of it.

“You are my hero. I know you are up in Heaven watching over me. You are the brightest star in the sky. I love you Daddy. Love, Nick.”

As the soldiers got ready to bury one of their own, they could not help but remember Sargeant Weichel's tattoo, and so they said goodbye to their Superman.

“In these ways and so many more, Dennis lived up to that tattoo,” McBride said. “He was in fact the Superman he always wanted to be.”