Shark attack on seal at crowded beach caught on video

By: The Associated Press


Twitter: @ABC6

ORLEANS, Mass. (AP) – A shark attack on a seal at a Cape Cod beach sent beachgoers scrambling, and surfers a few yards away had to frantically swim to shore.

No people were hurt during Monday afternoon’s attack at Nauset Beach, which came as the beach was crowded with people, many there to watch the solar eclipse.      

Video showed an expanding pool of blood in the water around a seal. Lifeguards ran along the edge of the water as beachgoers on shore yelled for two surfers to come in.        

The Cape Cod Times reported one surfer made it out of the water on his own while another got help from people on shore.        

The beach was closed for a period after the attack, as were several others in the area.

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