‘Sharktivity’ app explodes with detection just in time for ‘Shark Week’

It’s “Shark Week” on Discovery running through July 30th.

Shark Week hits a little too close to home in New England as its peak great white shark season on Cape Cod. Shark sightings have become more and more common each year in the waters off the Cape as water temperatures rise in the northeast.

Sharks have even ventured out to waters in Rhode Island this summer. So far this summer, there have been a record number of sightings at Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts, with a whopping 43 detections. Just Thursday, there were dozens of sightings off the waters of Chatham and Orleans.

In recent weeks, many public beaches have been closed due to shark sightings, sometimes as close as 50 yards from shore.

To stay most up to date on the latest shark sightings download the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy app “Sharktivity.”

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