Shedley the Cat update:She’s on the road to recovery!

By John Guice 

    You may remember Shedley the cat, she  was found trapped in a shed in South Attleboro  following days of high temperatures and has been fighting for her life. The President of Angelcat Haven says, one of volunteers neighbors said they heard a small cry in a shed so they went and found Shedley, de-hydrated and lethargic, sitting in a corner ,when they went to pick her up there was a gaping wound by her tail, filled with maggots.They named her “Shedley“. Volunteers say she was stranded in the shed.They don't know how long, or the cause of her wounds. Now, there's good news!

From Angelcat Haven:  

      Our little girl is a tough one! Dr Elias from Bay State Emergency Vet picked her up on Friday and took her to Ocean State for a surgeon there to look at her wound. She had enough skin to close up the wound! Shedley came back to Angelcat Haven on Sat. after her Friday surgery and is doing well. She has a drain and is still on antibiotics to prevent infection, and pain killers. The volunteers have to put warm compresses on her wound 2 to 3 times a day. Her stitches look good and the whole area is clean and healthy. She had a slight opening by one of her stitches today. Pictures were sent via email to Ocean State and will be shown to the surgeon tomorrow. Her drain should be removed on Tues. Our biggest issue with her is her little spit fire kitten attitude. You can't keep her from playing, and it takes everything we have to keep her cone on!


Thanks to everyone who had a part in spreading the word to help with donations! Shedley is getting well and will make someone a wonderful pet once she is all healed!