Sheriff Hodgson to testify against possibility of sanctuary state

By: News Staff


Twitter: @ABC6

NORTH DARTMOUTH, M.A. (WLNE) — Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hudson is expected to testify against a bill making Massachusetts a sanctuary state on Friday.

Sheriff Hodgson will highlight his concerns on the bill including limiting local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration officers.

That includes altering ice officials when undocumented immigrants are released from custody, unless they have committed violent crime.

“Sure, everyone thinks ICE should know if an illegal convicted murderer or big time drug dealer is going to be released on such and such day,” Sheriff Hodgson will testify to on Friday. “Here are some of the offenses we would be barred from sharing with ICE when inmates are going to be released: Possession of child pornography, OUI liquor up to a fifth offense, assault and battery on a child, aggravated assault on a pregnant woman, assault with a dangerous weapon, welfare and food stamp fraud, subsequent possession of heroin, and enticement of a child for prostitution or human trafficking.”

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