Criminal complaint against Hernandez after jailhouse fight

By News Staff



It looks like Aaron Hernandez could be paying a price for his fracas with another inmate last week.

The Bristol county Sheriff's department is filing a criminal application for assault and battery charges against Hernandez.

Since the incident Hernandez has been locked in a separate area of the prison where he's only allowed out for one-hour a day.

Sheriff Hodgson says he didn't expect this type of problem from Hernandez. “We had gone to extra lengths to make sure as we would for a sex offender or anyone else who is a high profile person, to do anything we could to restrict anyone in the same unit from hurting that individual. What we didn't anticipate in the case of Mr. Hernandez is that the role would have been reversed” says Hodgson.

Hernandez is being held on first- degree murder and weapon charges in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.