Sherriff’s Deputy justified in using deadly force in Taunton rampage

A just released 13- page report by the Bristol County District Attorney clears off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy James Creed of any wrong-doing for killing Arthur DaRosa back in May ultimately ending his stabbing spree.

“We have concluded that James Creed was clearly justified in using deadly force. Therefore, it is our judgment that the use of force by Deputy Sheriff Creed in this matter was both justified and lawful,” writes D.A. Thomas Quinn III.

The report reveals many new details about that day including that a month before the rampage DaRosa and his girlfriend, the mother of his 2 kids, broke up sending him into a depression.

The report says that DaRosa’s half sister told police that the weekend before the stabbing spree he talked about not wanted to live anymore and, "having received messages from God or the Devil telling him to do crazy things."

Despite an attempt to get help the day before the stabbing spree DaRosa was released from the hospital the following morning.

His odd behavior was noted by parents at a soccer field on Myricks Street minutes before the rampage began.

"Parents overheard DaRosa talking to himself, saying he was ‘sorry’ for no apparent reason,” said Quinn in the report.

From the field, DaRosa crashed a car  and ran to a nearby home where he killed 80-year-old Patricia Slavin.

Kathleen Slavin, who was in the house with her mother told police that the two heard the crash and saw Darosa walking towards their house thinking he needed help.

The 28-year-old then barged in, pushing Patricia Slavin to the ground and grabbing a steak knife.

He stabbed her 5 times in the back, also stabbing Kathleen Slavin 5 times before taking off to the Silver City Galleria.

Once there, DaRosa crashed his car into the mall assaulting people at several locations including Metro PCS and Macy’s before heading to Bertucci’s where the spree would end.

Once inside he grabbed a steak knife from pregnant waitress Sheenah Savoy and began stabbing her.

The report saying, "DaRosa grabbed Ms. Savoy and she heard him say that he was going to kill her and then kill himself."

The report concludes that DaRosa murdered Patricia Slavin and George Heath without any justification or excuse.

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