Providence shooting, no arrest made

By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- Around 9 o’clock Tuesday morning a violent cat and mouse game scared neighbors who heard gunshots, then a loud crash.

“By the time I looked out the window, two cars were speeding; looked like one was chasing another,” said neighbor, Patrick McEvoy.

A trail of shell casings lined Parade Street. At the Oak Street intersection- a black sedan’s bumper was inside another car’s trunk.

It crashed trying to avoid bullets, but has three holes on the driver’s side.

One neighbor who only gave his first name- Michael- said, “Makes you a little uneasy. We were just driving by and saw that it was blocked off and it just makes you uneasy that this is going on so close in the neighborhood.”

Abc 6 News captured police placing one man, who was handcuffed, into a cruiser but police haven’t said how he’s involved.

Police chased a man through the neighborhood and also found the other car abandoned nearby with a gun inside.

“Things like this kind of makes the area, you know, you know– look bad,” said Michael.

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