Should He Or Shouldn’t He Have Said It….

Frank Caprio's bombshell of a soundbite on WPRO that President Obama can take his endorsement and 'shove it' speaks volumes about the state of politics.

In this political climate, it seems saying whatever it takes to get the voters' attention is the norm. This isn't a new tactic…it's been used by countless candidates, especially when the polls say they are behind, eight days before the election.

What's unusual to me is that it's within the party.  I was drinking coffee this morning when I saw the comments on various website's and was shocked…I've heard from the experts as to why this may have happened – things like, Caprio didn't endorse Obama in the primary, to Chafee's endorsement of Obama in the presidential election.

I personally have no qualms about any man speaking his mind, in fact.  It was very refreshing to hear Caprio, who was clearly upset, express himself.  The only problem I have with it is when it comes to children and those who are turning into young adults, we have always tried to teach them that there is a proper way to say anything, EVEN IF YOU'RE UPSET! 

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John Guice