Six Flag unveils SkyScreamer

By Mike Lacrosse

It’s called SkyScreamer and it takes you hundreds of feet above the park in a matter of seconds and I can tell you from experience it gets you screaming.

At four hundred feet it’s being called the tallest swing ride on the planet.

Twenty four people buckle in and are suspended by only the chains of the swing.

It starts to spin when you get about halfway up and eventually reaches speeds of 35 miles per hour.

With the wind in your face the swing starts to rotate.

Six Flags says it’s the biggest event they’ve had in a decade.

“We live in the world of thrill and this new attraction will bring it to the ultimate level,” says Jennifer McGrath with Six Flags.

Some of the first thrill seekers are already giving it rave reviews.

“You feel like you are floating because there is not much holding you in,” says Matthew Mello of Tiverton.

“I didn’t think the wind would make your seat go back and fourth but it was really windy, ya it was scary,” says Joe O’Brien of Warwick.

The ride officially opens on Memorial Day weekend here at Six Flags New England it’s only a 90 minute drive from southern New England.

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