Slushy snow makes for difficult clean-up

By: Chelsea Priest

First came the snow, then the sleet, then the rain for many in Southern New England. The morning commute was a mess with slushy, wet snow on the roads.

The snow came early and accumulated fast. Matt Trabucco is a local plow driver, he said, “This snow is a little heavier than the last few storms we've had. Once the rain comes its going to turn into a nice mess for us.” John Case was also plowing this morning. He explained, “The slushy snow is miserable because it takes off, you hit it with the plow and it goes all over the place and you have to work a lot harder.”

The switch from snow to rain happened by mid-morning in Rhode Island but the roads were still treacherous, especially if you were heading further north.

Jason Case, President of Case Snow Management explained that you have to tackle the clean-up of slushy snow a little differently than the light fluffy snow. He said, “What we have to do is just do the best we can and keep up with it, do shorter pushes, instead of you know long pushes and have the machines working together to achieve the common goal which is bare pavement.”

The company had over 400 employees working Wednesday. That's the second time already this week. Case said, “In order to be safe out there, we started to run multiple shifts and making sure our guys get appropriate rest when we get these back to back events.”

 And once the snow stops, the clean-up doesn't. Snow Management companies will be working through the night removing snow and de-icing untreated surfaces.

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