Small Business Saturday in Providence

By Dana Griffin

Inside the Seven Stars Bakery in Providence,
Long lines don't generate the usual impatiently waiting stance. Instead, customers
are happy to be inside a packed locally–owned business.

“Small business
shopping is very individualistic. I mean, you really relate to the people
who've worked to get that product onto the shelf. They made a decision; they
want to know what you think,” said customer, Linda Kushner.

One of those business
owners is Priscilla O'Connor. For her, loyalty has kept her consignment shop
open for forty years.

O'Connor said, “Some,
even if they're not in to purchase immediately, they just come in to say hello
and to me that's everything.”

U.S. Congressman, David
Cicilline said, “You go to a ‘big box' place and you're supporting a product
often made in another country. Money's shipped out to pay for that product like
in China or Vietnam or some other place, so it's really about supporting your
neighbors, supporting good jobs in Rhode Island, and helping small businesses

Although, Small Business
Saturday isn't a deterrent for buying at big box stores, local residents say they
prefer the local shops.

“I think Wal–Mart should
go out of town. They should not be allowed. I think the smaller shops are much
better,” said Ann Weinstein.

Rhode Island has over 90, 000 small

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