Small Businesses on the Rebound Could Spell Happy Holidays for RI Economy

We all love good news, and when I went out and talked to Lisa Paratore, the owner of “Homestyle – Objects For Life And Home” on Westminster Street,  I heard plenty!  Black Friday was very successful for her business – she doubled her sales from last year.

A lot of politicians running for office in November said the key to economic recovery was through the small business owner.  Lisa is a believer and talked about what this meant for her business.  She could keep her employees working and possibly expand.  Good  Black Friday numbers may have been the rain that will ease the economic drought we've suffered in Rhode Island!

A lot of small businesses were on the brink of going out business and some did not survive.  I talked to guy who was cynical about an economic recovery in our state.  He says this fix is temporary and after the holidays we would be back to square one.  Someone pointed out to him  that one thing that keeps us from going forward is people who are afraid to spend because they've heard bad news about the economy.  Hopefully this good news will be the spring board that will give Rhode Island's economy that much needed bounce!

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John Guice