Smithfield Police Dog Recovers from Fentanyl Exposure


Twitter: @ABC6

Providence (WLNE)- Ajax, a dog with the Smithfield Police Department’s K-9 unit, received Narcan treatment after exposure to fentanyl during an arrest Friday.

According to a statement on their Facebook page, Smithfield police were executing a search warrant in the town’s Esmond neighborhood that uncovered heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and narcotics packaging materials.

Officer Dave Walsh observed that Ajax was in distress and administered Narcan at the scene.

Ajax was later transported to the Ocean State Veterinary Specialists in East Greenwich for additional treatment, including an intravenous catheter of Narcan.

Ajax has since recovered and was on duty the following day, according to the statement.

The suspect, Adriny Bernard, age 32, is being held without bail on charges of possession and intent to deliver heroin and cocaine.

Bernard will appear in Warwick District Court January 2.