Smoke and showers to subside into the weekend

Air quality enthusiasts, rejoice!

I would hope that would be everyone -who doesn’t like clean air? Ours will be improving in the coming days, although with a slight haze in the sky remaining.

We remain locked into a similar pattern with mostly cloudy conditions and occasional showers, and this continues for Friday, and to a lesser extend Saturday.

As our upper level low finally pushes east over the weekend, the winds transporting the wildfire smoke down from Canada will shift and give New England a breathing break.

The weekend is mostly good. Saturday will feature sun and clouds with a small chance of a passing shower, and highs near 70s. Sunday will be warmer and dry with mostly sunny skies.

Unfortunately, the dry streak won’t last very long as showers return Monday-Wednesday.

Have a great night!

Meteorologist Geoff Bansen

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