Snow causing parking problems in Fall River

 By Matt Blanchette


“What can we do? We can just sit here, shovel dig out and hope and pray. That’s all we can do,” James Heggs says as he takes snow off his car.

People living in Fall River are hoping and praying for the snow to end or for melting to begin. The city’s parking ban does allow folks to park on one side of city streets.

Some folks chose to abandon ship. and so you see cars buried in snow and ice.

And you’ll see chairs in the street. People can take a break from the shoveling but more importantly the chairs reserve a spot that someone worked so hard to clear out.

“That is my parking space I worked hard to clean it that’s what it means,” Valarie Thompkins said. “If you put a chair there some respect that but not too many do.

“Oh I hate that. they have no right. I don’t own this street. I have to shovel out if I go somewhere. What right do I have to put a chair or a garbage bag to block it?” Heggs said.

“That is the only way you can keep your parking space. Otherwise someone will pull in as soon as you leave,” Doug Calvano said.

And some of the residual effect of all this snow, some things that you would not even expect. We found this man hole cover in the middle of the street. Kicked up by a plow.

A good Samaritan moving this object. With no end in sight  people are forced to just grin and bear it.

  “Iam done. done. Born and raised in New England, but this time I am actually done,” Thompkins said.