Snow In Northern Rhode Island

Whether or not you enjoyed Wednesday's snow storm. A certain group of people is thankful and thrilled to see it. Plow truck drivers have been begging for snow during this “winter that wasn't.”

It's the type of wet, sticky snow that covers road signs and has you slipping and sliding on the roads. It's also what plow driver Dennis King has been waiting for all year. “Oh yeah, like I said, caching caching,” said King.

He made about 800 bucks plowing the WalMart parking lot in North Smithfield Wednesday night, but it doesn't make up for the 15 thousand dollars King lost this year because of a slow snow season.

“Oh yeah its been slow,” said King, “This is only what the fourth one of the year, the first one in October. We thought it was going to be a good year.”

While King is happy to be raking in the cash, Michael Dorego said all this white stuff is a big pain for him. “Yeah, it's definitely inconveniencing,” said Dorego, “Work wise and everything, yeah.”

Dorego works at a big box store and they just put their Spring plants out, thinking we wouldn't get any more snow. Now, he has a mess to clean up. Plus, he has no TV to take his mind off of it.

“I'm getting a couple DVDs,” said Dorego, “My dish network is out [because of the weather].”

Steve Lafleche said it's silly to think we won't get any more snow. This is New England after all. 

“I can't stand snow. I hate it,” said Lafleche, “I'm more of a summer time person, but I mean we made it this far. March is in like a lion, out like a lamb. We ducked it so far, but we were living on borrowed time, so I guess we were due.”