Snow plows busy clearing roads

By Dana Griffin


CRANSTON, RI- Plow trucks have been working since this afternoon to get ahead of the storm  and will be on the roads for the next 2 days keeping them clear.

Case Snow Management has hundreds of their trucks out tonight.

This is the first major storm of this season and could turn out to be one of the worst for Southern New England.

Crews are confident, they it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Driver, Tom Colucci said, “With all the new technology out there I think that it’s– the snow gets moved a lot quicker and a lot easier than it used to do so, these big storms are you know, handled much easier than they used to do with the equipment that’s available to us now.”

This snow storm is much different than what we just experienced over the weekend. For most of our area, it will be light and fluffy. Pair that with the high winds it will get blown all over the place which makes staying on top of the plowing a little harder for crews.

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