Snow, rain mix makes for slippery roads

By: Rebecca Turco


SCITUATE – Southern New England’s first big snowfall of the year ended up being just your typical winter storm.

But the roads still got slick at times, so plow crews were out all day trying to keep the roads clear.

Like most of northern Rhode Island, Scituate is used to getting more snow than the rest of the state. Crews were out and about as early as 4:30 a.m. Saturday, scraping and sanding roads.

With bouts of rain mixed in-between the snow, upkeep became tricky.

During a regular winter storm, the Department of Public Works crews use about 150 tons of sand and salt mix to treat the roads, according to director Bob Dexter. But on Saturday, they used around 325 tons, because the rain would wash the treatment away.

“We don’t want to waste sand and salt,” explained Dexter. “At the same time, it’s necessary because it’s public safety and that is why we buy the stuff to begin with.”

Local drivers felt the rain made for slicker roads. “It would be better if it would just be really bad snow or just really bad rain, but the combination of the two makes for treacherous driving,” said Will Moran of Scituate.

Even slushy roads can get dangerous fast, which is why crews keep checking on the roads even when the snow stops, said Dexter. “If you get into two or three inches of this slushy stuff, it’s an issue,” he explained.

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