Social Media Is A Fan Favorite In NCAA Tournament

Research Now Poll Reveals Social Media a Fan Favorite in 2011 NCAA
      PLANO, TX –03/29/11 —
This year's NCAA Tournament has provided a host of new ways for
fans to
engage. Mobile devices offer a more extensive array of streaming
opportunities than before. Additionally, the NCAA, broadcast
experts, and
others have put an increased spotlight on combining social media to
the tournament in real-time, investigated further in a recent poll
conducted by Research Now.
      Social Media Platforms as Part of NCAA Experience
      According to the poll,
conducted among 1,000 respondents aged 18 and over who are regular
of social media, 69% reported using social media as part of their
tournament experience this year and of those, nearly half (47%) are
more than one site. 82% of those participating in a bracket pool
they are using one or more social media platforms to enhance their
Madness experience; whether it be participating in this year's
Bracket on Facebook, watching clips of this year's tournament and
coverage on YouTube, receiving updates from broadcast experts and
participating schools via Twitter, or checking in to the
Bracket Town via Foursquare. Facebook is most popular (57%) among
site users, while 34% rely on YouTube to enhance their tournament
      NCAA Tournament Bracket Participation
      The survey also revealed that of
those who filled out a bracket for this year's tournament, ESPN's
Tournament Challenge was the most popular among participants with
half (51%) filling out their brackets via their online platform.
Sports Tourney Pick 'Em, who offers $1 million to any fan who
predicts a
perfect bracket, is second most popular with 32% of participants
utilizing this platform. Those participating in tournament brackets
their friends are more likely to engage in social media sites as
part of
their NCAA experience versus those participating in tournament
with family members or co-workers.
      Watching the Games
      Despite the increased prevalence in ability to stream
games online and through mobile apps, only 12% of respondents are
choosing to stream as their primary way to view the games, while a
majority of fans are still watching the games on TV (88%). 37% say
plan to watch as many games as possible during this year's
compared to 30%, who will watch a select few based on team
And although men are more likely than women to watch the entire
tournament (19% of all males surveyed), 12% of all females surveyed
also be watching every game.
      Enjoying the Final Four
      Less than one week remains until Final Four
weekend, arguably the most anticipated part of the tournament.
to the survey, 44% say they most enjoy the Final Four weekend
games, and
77% of those who are using social media are very (37%) or somewhat
likely to purchase tickets to the Final Four tournament if their
team advances to Houston this year.